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Products and Services

From the first IMU generation, up to customized sensorized clothing, Turingsense offers a large variety of solutions for the field of movement analysis.

State of the Art at Turingsense

Turingsense EU LAB constantly works for improving all aspects necessary to target a solid motion capture.

Here a list of  key factors addressed by Turingsense to allow the creation of reliable products for human motion analysis.


Low cost of technology

Low cost  IMU-based wearables, with scalable manufacturing process.

Modello in nero

Easy interface with the body

Direct integration of IMUs in the clothing, no body straps or pockets.

Tappeto rotondo

Daily usage of devices

The smart clothing can be washed without the need to remove hte hardware and different sizes can be easily created.


No electromagnetic disturbances

No usage of magnetometers so complete immunity to electromagnetic disturbances.

Allungamenti del braccio

Optimal sensor positioning on the body

Based on validated protocols, sensors are positioned in optimal stable areas and the smart clothing design allow to keep their stability during movement.

Processore del computer

Quality of components

Turingsense constantly works with its partners to raise up the quality of components used and reduce noise levels.

Attività artigianale

Many applications

A wide spectrum of customization for both hardware and software

Impiegata donna che lavora in una sala server

Data collection

Turingsense provides apps and project templates to speed up data collection for research purposes and algorithms development.

Products comparison

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