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Press Release

15 Aprile 2024- Bologna

​Turingsense EU LAB on the microphones of STORY TIME

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5 Aprile 2024- Roma, La Repubblica

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at

Movement is an essential action. It is true for human beings, for animals, at any speed and in any way in which it is done. Every type of movement, associated with functionality and dynamism that each of us continually makes is a subject of study by Turingsense Eu Lab, which in its long research activity has been able to transform the way in which the analysis of human movement - both natural and extremely fascinating - is used for sports, rehabilitation and ergonomics. [...]

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17 Novembre 2023 - Roma, La Repubblica

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Cattura movimento tramite Android

Transforming the way in which the analysis of human movement is used for sport, rehabilitation and ergonomics is the mission set by Turingsense Eu Lab, a company based in Forlì, where it was founded in 2015.
"We are directly inspired by the work of Alan Turing – says the director of research and development, Pietro Garofalo – and by his work of decoding the German cryptographic systems during the Second World War. We want to decipher human movement and to do so it is good to start to measure it in all possible circumstances" [...]

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