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How to compare the movement?

Here we introduce the concept of PIVOTIZATION, a technique patented by Turingsense with the aim of allowing a direct comparison between different avatars. This technique is essential when it is necessary to perform a real-time visual comparison between a reference avatar and the avatar of the user wearing the inertial sensor technology. The possibilities offered by this technique are numerous. Among many we can mention:

  • ​The possibility of comparing, in real time, a pose or posture supported by a user, compared to a reference pose assumed as fixed

  • The possibility of guiding the user towards reaching the reference pose, through instructions (video or audio) that are automatically generated based on the "distance" between the different parts of the avatar's body that represents the user's movement and the different parts of the reference avatar's body

  • It is also possible to use this technique to compare 2 moving avatars. By doing this, for example, a user can suggest to someone else through their body how to modify the movement in order to reach a target

The scoring

Beyond visual feedback, the result of the comparison can be digitized and rendered numerically through a score that can be used to create a history.

catch app avatar android


​Turingsense EU LAB provides customizable projects in 3D graphic environments, within which it is possible to configure the pivoting and scoring logics based on your application. This means being able to tailor the use of this functionality to your application.

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