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garment simulazione IMU integrati

IMU completely integrated

​Since 2016, Turingsense has been constantly working to increasingly improve the user experience and usability of inertial sensor technology. To achieve this goal, the prerogative is the integration of technology within common clothing.

This is achieved by directly laminating the hardware inside the fabric, therefore without pockets or removable devices that could involve extra work for the user.

Through internal simulation systems it is also possible to design the garment and create a design that can allow a compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

Camicie blu stirate


  • The possibility of customizing the garment

  • the design of an economically sustainable manufacturing process

  • vast knowledge of the sector

  • the future possibility of integrating other technologies

  • allow Turingsense clothing to address every future application and business model.

Asciugamani piegati


Turingsense has paid a lot of attention to the washability aspect of sensorized clothing, as it is a prerequisite for daily use of wearable technology.


Our systems are completely washable by hand or with automatic programs without the need to remove parts of the technology before washing or other difficult measures for non-technical users.

Sarto con nastro di misurazione


Turingsense EU LAB offers hardware and software customization services to make your experience with our technology as smooth as possible and suited to your business. If you are not surprised by the variety of applications already possible but you need a valid and cutting-edge technological partner with the times, then you are in the right place.

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