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​Why movement analysis is important

For several decades, instrumental movement analysis has been widely adopted in clinics for the functional evaluation of the upper and lower limbs. Lower limb gait analysis has been the main area of ​​application of movement analysis protocols, developed since the 1960s. More recently, specific protocols and instruments have been developed for the functional evaluation of the upper limb. Their diffusion in research and clinical laboratories has been favored by the limitations of so-called visual observation. Without objective measurements and with low sensitivity, this discipline could lead to misinterpretation of results or errors in the diagnostic process.

Walking, motion analysis
Da Vicon a Garment sensorizzato

The progress

​Technological advancement and above all the miniaturization of electronics has allowed researchers in the last 20 years to bring movement analysis from a laboratory equipped with infrared cameras to an outdoor environment in which the technology is completely worn by the person under investigation.

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