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After the realization of numerous projects aimed at consumer applications in sports and rehabilitation, the experienced team of Turingsense EU Lab is offering exclusive services to the experts in the field of human movement analysis.


Over the years, our team created research and development tools for motion capture analysis using inertial sensors. The team is now ready to share this know-how among the scientific community. The customizable software is designed for basic and applied research. We are proud to offer this software to the scientific community under as a part of the Turing Motion package. 

Our multidisciplinary team also designed and developed inertial sensors platforms. We are proud to offer a complete solution to the scientific community as the  Turing Motion package.


Our product embodies unique characteristics in the field of motion analysis:​

  • Software for analysis of signal from inertial sensors

  • Biomechanical models based on decades of experience, customizable with both anatomical and functional methods.

  • Sensor fusion algorithms that can be customized according to the specific application (high dynamic applications, applications in the presence of electromagnetic disturbances, etc.).

  • Our inertial platform offers a high-quality and affordable solution.


  • A set of our latest generation inertial sensors.

  • User interface software for collecting real-time data from the sensors.

  • Software libraries for the elaboration of the joint kinematics (for full body configurations or customized configurations).

  • Freedom to modify the software based on your of specific needs (both in terms of graphics and functionality).

  • Availability of such software and processing both locally (Windows / MAC / Tablet / Smartphone) and in the cloud.

  • Option to integrate and synchronize with other devices (EMG, pressure sensors) via software.


The latest generation Turingsense sensors are small and completely wireless.

They can be configured to form a set of 1 to 16 and transmit data with frequency of up to 200Hz.

"GEMMA" is our own real-time data acquisition software. It is designed to offer total control of low-level hardware parameters and to allow the simultaneous use use of multiple sensor sets.


"ULTRON" is our cloud-based solution for real-time data visualization and analysis using Turingsense biomechanical models. It also supports data export in different formats.


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